Sunday, March 24, 2013

Amy's New Bike- Part 2

Amy did an awesome job riding her big girl bike today.  Jeramie and I are so proud of her.

Amy's New Bike: Part 1

Daddy took Amy shopping for a bike, basket, and helmet this morning.  Amy was so beyond excited- she literally bounced out the door.  We haven't had a chance to head outside and try it out yet.  Here are a few pictures of her hilarious new helmet.  We really do have the world's best daddy. :)

Amy and her new unicorn helmet

Amy's basket.  She has always wanted a basket for her bike.  She says it's to carry her toys in. :)

She wore her helmet around the house all morning; and even while she was having a snack.

Happy Meggie

Meg is always happy- but very camera shy.  I never get a good picture of that pretty smile.  Today she opened up a little bit, and showed off that sweet smile.

Yes, I know that's a Christmas shirt, but it's laundry day.  Don't judge.

A chocolate lip.  Meggie loves Easter candy.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Amy these days...

Amy never ceases to amaze me.
She has always been a smart kiddo; always very eager to learn and be independent.  One of the first phrases she was ever able to say was "I do it!!"  
Well, now that she has been in school consistently, she is growing and changing by leaps and bounds.  She has known her letters and sounds for a long time now, and has recently expressed an interest in learning how to read.  We work together a couple nights a week, and she loves it!  I am really looking forward to working with her more this summer.  

Girlie dilemma- what to do when you can't decide between purple or pink nail polish????  
Your awesome mom uses both!!! :)

Cute shirt.  Hair done.  100% adorable, and ready for school.

"This is a nice zombie, mom."

Amy can write her name...

and my name...

and daddy's name...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The parents this week...

I was asked to play the role of the Queen in our schools' character education play.  I had a blast doing it, and all this week the kids around school referred to me as "your highness." :)

Our class is so awesome, even our show-and-tell friends are good readers.

Me and my camera loving husband. :)

Amy this week...

I won an iPad at school last week.  
I can't wait to use it...hopefully Amy lets me have a turn on it soon. :)

My little engineer.  Your bowl has a handle on it, and you need a place to put your cup...
problem solved.

Thank you cousins and Aunt Kelly for the new toys, tutu, and dolls!!

Meggie this week...

Meg really enjoys playing in this tiny basket; she especially loves it when you push her across the floor in it. :)

For about 40 minutes the other night Meggie wandered around the house, poking and playing with her belly button.  Too cute not to take a picture of :)

Meggie's lovie- her Mickey Mouse football.  She has to have it in bed with her every night, and carries it around with her each morning.  Her daddy is very proud. :)