Monday, January 20, 2014

Meggie's 2 Year Check-Up

Meggie went in for her 2 year well-big girl check-up today.  (just ask her- she is NOT a baby)
She did a great job, and her big sister, Amy, was a big help too.  It's funny how the dynamic between the two is changing lately.  Amy is starting to calm down and really listen and understand right and wrong; while Meg is starting to test limits, disagree, and throw fits.  Life is definitely interesting. :)

Here are Meg's stats at 2:
Weight- 25.4 lbs (33%) 
Height- 33.75 inches (58%)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Staying up late...

A wild Friday night at our house.
Amy has been asking to stay up late; so Jerm said that she could stay up as late as he does.
Well, I took this picture at about 9:10. :)
They are best buddies.

Meggie and her Mama

Mommy and her big, two year old.  Love my sweet, sweet baby.

Happy birthday, Meggie!!

Meg turned 2 on Thursday.  She had a fun day, even though she (and the rest of the house) were under the weather.  We brought birthday treats to their school, and celebrated in the evening with presents, raspberry dessert, and ice cream.  
She spent the whole day telling people, "Meggie's birthday!  I two!"  It was pretty cute.
Thanks to our wonderful family for the gifts and phone calls.  You made her day wonderful.

Monday, January 6, 2014

2014- The girls so far...

The girls have turned into princesses...

Meggie is bangin'- I gave her bangs- so cute :)