Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Tree Jubilee

Here is a picture of the girls and I at the Christmas Tree Jubilee.
This is a fundraiser for special needs children in our county.  People decorate and donate Christmas trees and wreaths to sell, and this charity is able to purchase big ticket items the kids might not otherwise be able to afford.  They also have local elementary school choirs singing.  It was a fun morning activity to check out.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Smartie Pants Amy

Amy will be in kindergarten next year, and let me tell you...the girl is so ready.  She is super smart.  She can already sound out words, write, and do basic adding.  I know- she's amazing. :)  Proud mama, right here.

Amy wrote the word "apple"

and her Aunt Kelly's name.


Ugh...these girls love each other so much...

Meg these days...

Meg moved into a big girl bed last weekend.  She did super well with it.  I think it's because she sleeps on a mat at school.  Here is our big girl in her big bed.

It was Hat Day at school Friday.  Thursday night I dug out my crazy hats because I wasn't sure if I wanted to go casual hat or crazy hat.  Meg found my monster hat and fell in love with it.  She now affectionately refers to it as "mine!!" and wears it often.

Our Saturday mornings...

Daddy is proud...
Yes, this mom makes Johnny Football crepes.

First Snow

We got out first snow of the season last weekend.  The girls and I were out were out early in the morning playing the flakes.  This was the first year that Meggie could really have fun with us; we had a great time.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Girl's Weekend- Park City

Amy and I went to Park City this weekend for a little girl time.  We had so much fun together!!!
We got into town at about 10:30 Saturday morning.  We hit the outlet mall and had some lunch.  Then, we checked into our hotel.  The hotel was super nice and had a great pool.  Of course, we were all over that for a couple of hours.  After swimming we got cleaned up and went back to the outlet mall, which had two great parks.  Then we went to dinner!!  After dinner we went back to the pool for a couple more hours.  I didn't plan on staying in that long the second time, but in true Amy fashion, we ended up making a couple new friends.  I finally got her into bed at about 9:30 pm.  We got up early for breakfast, and headed home in the snowy weather.  

Getting ready to go.
Meg was bound and determined to be included- photo bomb!

Lunch at Five Guys

Dinner and dessert

Swim time #2