Thursday, September 19, 2013

Amy, the designer....

Amy told me that this white t-shirt was not "beautiful enough," as I got her dressed for school this morning.  This is what I found when I picked her up from school today.  I guess she decided to take her dislike for this shirt into her own hands.
"Now it's really pretty, mom."

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Utah State Fair 2013

Today the girls and I headed down to Salt Lake City for the state fair.  We got there early, and were able to have a ton of fun before the rain started.  It was a great day, thanks in large part, to our wonderful neighbor, Mollie, who came with to help with the girls.  Meg got to run around like a wild woman, and Amy got to go on all the rides she could stand.  Of course, the rain started picking up around lunch time, so we said farewell to the fair, and went to the City Creek Mall for some lunch and playtime.  In all, it was an excellent day.