Friday, January 18, 2013

Busy, busy, busy...

This was a crazy week.  My parents were visiting...which was pretty much the only highlight.  They got in Thursday night.  They landed at 4:30, but didn't make it to our house (45 minutes away) until 8:00 that night because of the horrid road conditions because of the blizzard we were having.  Friday was a snow day (no school!), and it all went downhill after that.  Saturday morning was met with three sick people- the girls and myself.  Meg had it the worst, and I took her in to the doctor.  She was tested for RSV, and that came back negative.  I took a nap, and it was wonderful.  Amy was under the weather, but still sweet and tons of fun.

By Sunday I was doing much better, Amy was okay, and Meg was still bad.  I took Monday off to have some fun, and the whole day was a complete disaster.  We had plans to go to Kangaroo Zoo, but with the record low temperatures outside, the building was freezing cold inside, so we left.  We did order Megan's birthday cake, but it wasn't going to be done until the next day.  Tuesday I went back to work, and Amy got to go to a movie with her Papa.  We went ahead and had a little birthday party for Meg that night, but she was so out of it, and really wasn't interested or happy.

I had my folks take them back to the doctor Wednesday.  Meggie's doc said he assumed by then she had RSV, so just decided to treat it as that.  She was promptly put on steroids and breathing treatments.  I have to brag on my little Meg- she has been awesome with the nebulizer.  I don't have to swaddle her or anything.  She cuddles with me, does her thing, and it's over before we know it.  My parents left Thursday morning; we loved having them here.

Today is Friday- the girls are both so much better.  I took yesterday and today off to stay home with them.  Hopefully the worst of that mess is behind us. :)

Here are a few pictures from our week.

Meg before my parents arrived.

Me and my birthday girl.

My girls and I.

My parents with the girls.

Me and the girls at Kangaroo Zoo.  I didn't even take Meg out of her jacket, it was so cold.  This was literally moments before we decided to give up and leave.

Papa and the girls.

My kids love mustaches.

Me giving Meg a breathing treatment.  Amy helping out by singing and distracting her.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Megan!!!

Today is Megan's 1st birthday!!!  I could write ten paragraphs about how fast the time has gone by, and how I wish she could stay my baby forever, but I would rather write about the love our family feels for her, and the pure enjoyment she brings us all.  She is the little sister; adored by her family and everyone who meets her.

The bad news- Meggie is sick; Amy is too.  Grandma and Grandpa are visiting, and within a day or so of them getting here, everyone in the house was under the weather.  Usually the girls get over stuff quickly.  I knew something wasn't right when I started feeling better, and they were getting worse and worse.  We had a little party for Meg last night, with cake and presents.  However, Meg couldn't care less.  No smiles, no interest.  She didn't even take much notice of her cake.  The girls went to the doctor this afternoon, and both were diagnosed with RSV.  Amy is doing very well, considering, and just needs some over the counter medication to get over the hump.  Meg's levels were bad across the board, and she is on a steroid and breathing treatments. :(  Not the best way to spend your 1st birthday.

Here are a few pictures form our little party last night.  We will definitely be doing a birthday re-do in the near future...hopefully with some of those sweet smiles. :)

I will post her 1 year stats after our appointment next week.  I canceled her well-baby check-up seeing as how she isn't a well baby. :)