Monday, December 30, 2013

Year in Review- 2013

Well, I hated this year.  There is no simple, nice, sugary sweet way to say it.; one day, one phone call turned my world upside down this year.  We lost our dad this year.  I can (and will) post a run down of all the wonderful things we have done in 2013, but honestly, I can't really remember a lot of it due to the constant blur I feel I have been in since the very end of March.  
I am more than happy and ready to ring in a new year.  I am greatly looking forward to 2014, and all that it will bring.

The Chatfield Family wishes you all a very safe, happy, and healthy new year!!

My mom and dad came to Utah to visit and help celebrate Meggie's 1st birthday.
Meg got really, really sick, having RSV almost the entire month.  
This would be the last time I would see, hug, or talk face to face with my dad.  We had such a great time together.  I am so thankful for this visit- especially now.

I celebrated my first annual 29th birthday (immature, yes).

Amy got her first bike; we spent a lot of time outside. 
My dad died in a helicopter accident while out on a search and rescue mission.  My dad, one trooper, and the injured snow-machiner all perished in the crash.  
Jeramie and I flew to Alaska to help my mom and sisters.

April (worst. month. ever.):
Dad's memorial service was held on the 6th of April.
Trooper Tage Tolls memorial service was held on the 7th of April.
I broke my foot jogging.
A pipe bomb was found on the roof of the school I teach at.  We had to evacuate and everything.
I was rear-ended on my way to work shortly after getting back from Anchorage.

Amy and I planted our summer garden.  We planted pumpkin and watermelon for the first time.
Jeramie and I went to Las Vegas for a long weekend.  We had a great time.

The school year ended for me in early June.  I changed grades and moved classrooms.
The girls and I played outside tons and tons!  
Amy and I went to Lagoon for a day of fun.
Our family spent a day in Park City at their great farmers market.
Jerm turned 35 (Sooooooo oooooooooold) :)

The girls and I headed to Anchorage for a month of fun with grandma, Aunt Ashley, Aunt Kelly, the respective uncles, Melanie, and Miss Ally.  We fished, hiked, ate, and partied it up the whole time.
We also traveled via 4-wheeler to the site where dad went down.  It was another hard day; but made nice by wonderful friends.
Amy and I saw a black bear as we hiked Flat Top.
Amy celebrated her 4th birthday!!!

The girls and I took several "end of summer" day trips to the beach, parks, etc...
Amy started pre-school!!!!
Mommy started school too; teaching 3rd grade!!

School in full swing; going well for everyone.
The girls and I check out the Utah State Fair in Salt Lake City.

The Chatfield family gets ready for Halloween.  We visit the pumpkin patch.  
Amy is Sleeping Beauty, Meggie is a pumpkin.

Amy and I take a girls trip to Park City.  We had so much fun shopping and playing in the hotel pool.
It snows!!
Mommy spends a lot of time making stuff for Kelly's bridal shower (and loves every crafty, glue filled minute).
The girls and I go to the Christmas Tree Jubilee.
We have a wonderful Thanksgiving

The Chatfield family does a lot of holiday stuff!!
Ogden Lights
Tree House Museum
Kangaroo Zoo
Butters, our elf, shows back up, helping keep the girls in line. :)
Amy enjoys a much needed play-date with one of her besties, Austen.
The family has a wonderful Christmas.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

To Megan, Love Amy

Amy knows her little sister. :)
Amy loved her gift for Meg so much, Meg ended up getting Amy the same thing!!!  Nothing says "I love you, sister" like a giant pillow pet.
Two happy, comfy sisters.

Fun With Butters

I tried to have fun with our elf, Butters, this year; but it was hard with Amy around.  She is too smart. :)  She asked so many questions, about everything pertaining to Butters.
Butters went home last night.  Meggie was sad to see that he wasn't here this morning.  She really loved looking for him each morning.
Here are a few pictures from our month with our elf.

A Christmas Tree, by Amy

Visit with Santa- 2013

Christmas Morning 2013

We have had a wonderful Christmas.  The girls are getting so big, so fast, and Christmas is so different every year now.  This year was all about playing, running around, and having fun...loud, loud, loud fun. :)
The girls are amazing, and I can't wait to see what the new year brings.

Mommy's Christmas present from daddy.  A waffle maker that makes waffles in the shapes of elephants, giraffes, and lions. :)  So much fun.

Christmas toes.
Fast drying nail polish.  Best. Invention. Ever.

A designer bag from Aunt Kelly and Uncle Eric.

A train set to share.

Megan fought and fought and fought her nap today.
But the glider won.

Christmas Eve

Love these two...

We watched The Grinch, and then made Grinch Shakes (mint choc-chip ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry on top).  Yummy!!!!

Amy left a note, cookies, and juice for Santa.

Christmas goodies waiting for morning!!

School Christmas Shirt- Yikes!!!

Gingerbread house decorating...

I got the girls a gingerbread house to decorate this year.  
We had a lot of fun with this project.  Meggie was the quality control manager, and tested out all of the candy before we put it on the house.  Amy was very serious about the whole thing, and got quite bothered by Meg's shenanigan's. :)

This picture perfectly sums up the entire experience.

Nailed It!!!! :)