Saturday, August 31, 2013

First day of preschool

The girls started a new school yesterday.  They are going to the district daycare at a high school close to my school.  It's just for teachers, and students help run it and work with the kids.  They have an observation window, and the students have to take classes prior to working there, and plan lessons for the kids.  And since the students change throughout the day, the little ones are constantly doted on. :)
I got these pictures from a friend of mine; I didn't get any of Meg.  I will try to next week.  Amy and Meg are going to school with a few of my coworkers kids, so she is very happy.  I just can't believe she will start kindergarten next year!!!
I was most worried about Meggie who does not do well in new surroundings and situations.  I was thrilled to find out that she adjusted quickly, ate, slept, and played well all day.  Both girls were sad to leave, which is always a good sign.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Check-Up Stats

The girls both hit age milestones this month and got check-ups.

Amy- 4 year check-up
Weight- 41 pounds (88 percentile)
Height- 42 inches (90 percentile)
Amy also got her booster shots, so she will not have to get them next year before kinder.

Megan- 18 month check-up
Weight- 21 pounds (37 percentile)
Height- 33 inches (81 percentile)
Meggie got one shot.

Both girls did great at the doctors office, and were super brave when getting their shots.

Birthday Funday!!!

For Amy's 4th birthday we had our second annual Birthday Funday; basically a day where we do all of Amy's favorite things.  It makes for a long day, but we all have so much fun it is totally worth it.  This was also the first time Megan was able to play with Amy at Kangaroo Zoo, so it was pretty special.  Amy loves playing with her sister.

The schedule for this Birthday Funday commenced as follows...

- Kangaroo Zoo
- Dollar Store
- Lunch, playing, and ice cream at Chick-Fil-A
- Meg nap, mom and Amy making birthday cupcakes
- Sprinkler fun in the backyard
- Pasta dinner selected by Amy
- Presents
- Cupcakes Yum!!!


Morning snuggles

Kangaroo Zoo

Meg bound and determined to do what her big sister does

Lunch at Chick-A-Lay (as Amy calls it)

Making birthday cupcakes

Playing in the sprinkler

Meggie eating her soggy cupcake, and loving every piece of it :)

The beautiful birthday girl