Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baby pumpkins!!!

As I posted earlier, I take great pride in my garden.  When I see little fruits and veggies starting to grow I literally jump up and down, and may even flash some jazz hands.  Well, another thing I love are pumpkins and pumpkin patches.  I have taken Amy to a pumpkin patch every year since she has been born, and we continued the tradition this year with Megan.  

For fun, Amy and I planted our own pumpkin plant; and tonight, I noticed the our first little pumpkin babies!!!  Yes, I am very excited about this.  

Talking to grandma...

Amy talks to her grandma almost every day.  She is so cute, and getting so big.  It's funny to watch and listen to what she says.  She usually gets off the phone by saying "Okay, I will call you back."  Funny girl. :)
We are looking forward to our upcoming Alaskan vacation!

The Zoo

The girls and I headed to Salt Lake City this morning to go to the zoo.  We had a really fun day!  All of the animals were out and active, and the weather was warm and perfect.  I packed tons of snacks and lunch.  The highlight- the elephant used the bathroom right in front of us (I'm talking #1 and #2)!  Yeah, it's pretty much all Amy is talking about now.

Swim, swim, swim

It has been really hot here so the girls and I got the pool out the other day.  Amy, as usual, loved it.  Megan hated it and had more fun sitting in a chair and watching.

Pool fun...not so much

Garden happenings...

I take a lot of pride in my garden.  Taking care of it is something Amy and I love doing together.  That being said, I get really excited when things actually start growing!!  Our yellow and green zucchini is already producing, along with our tomatoes!  The pumpkin plant is getting big and flowering.  The only questionable plant is the watermelon- but that is our experiment anyways.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Today is a bittersweet day.  I loved watching Amy's excitement as she gave her dad his Father's Day card.  She picked out one with a princess on it and colored it inside and out; she loved that card and was very happy with her work.  Jeramie asked her if she wanted to keep it.  She said she did, and assured him that he could still have the envelope as she bounced away happily.

On the other hand, it's my first Father's Day without my dad.  I miss him so much.  My heart aches today.

The dad's in my world...

Me and dad on my wedding day....

Ashley made this beautiful wreath for dad.  She and Kelly went and put it next to dad's landing sign at headquarters.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Silly sweeties

Silly. I know. :)

Yes, I am that weird mom that makes her family take these pictures.  I can't help myself- I just love them.  But I will have you know, Amy really loved this.  SO THERE!!!! :)

Lagoon Day!!!

Amy and I had a wonderful day at Lagoon yesterday.  I had so much fun following her around and riding on every ride she wanted to go on (which usually involved some kind of fast up and down, spinning motion).
I wasn't able to get too many pictures- we were way too busy playing for that.

Amy getting ready to go in her new, home-made tie-dye shirt!

In line.  She is getting so big!

Gig'em for dad

Spinning Tea Cups.  
Worst. Invention. Ever.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Park City Sunday Market

This morning we all loaded into the car and headed to Park City for the day.  We love their Sunday Market, and try to get out there a few times each summer.  Today Amy got to decorate her own cupcake (which she happily shared with her sister), and made her first tie-die shirt.  She also got homemade donuts and bounced in two bounce houses.  After walking around Main Street we went to a great park and got some ice cream.