Sunday, July 13, 2014

Alaska- 2014

The girls and I did our annual Alaska trip June 13th to July 13th this year.  It was a fun packed month full of girl's nights, weddings, camping, cousins, friends, and so, so much fun.  Daddy got to join us the week of Kelly and Eric's wedding.  Here are a ton of few pictures from our amazing vacation!!

On our way!

Moon sand

Memory candle for Dad for the wedding

Amy found Lincoln Logs!

Bachelorette party

Wedding photo-booth

Beluga Point

Camping in Seward over the 4th of July

Meg did not like Smokey Bear

Sister snuggles at bed time

Spending time at the Sea Life Center.

Amy got to pet a starfish

Woody, the sea lion

Ice cream break

Tired, tired girls

McDonald's lunch on a very rainy day.

Bouncin' Bears

Decorate your own princess cupcake night!!

World's Best Mama!!

Saturday Market

Heading home after a 2 hour delay

Some of my old dolls made the trip home with us. :)

Other pictures that are out of order...

I babysat Sammy, and she babysat my girls.

Father's Day

Rehearsal Dinner

Lots of pretty flower girls

Meg and Jeramie's wedding gift from Kelly and Eric

One night Meg got into my purse, chewed all of my gum, spit it back into my purse, then dumped a whole bottle of hand sanitizer in it.

Lot's of park time!