Friday, March 14, 2014

The other day I had to call my classroom.  I listened to my voice mail outgoing message.  
I thought to myself, "Who is this person?  The responsible teacher?  This married mother of two?  What happened to that crazy high school kid?  And how in the world is it possible that I am 30 years old and drive a mini-van?????"  Hmmmm...something to think about. :)

Growing up isn't always easy or fun.  Sometimes it takes you by surprise.  I am enjoying my life so much lately.  I am so thankful for my girls, and my husband.  I am grateful for my job, my students, and all that Jerm and I have.  Whoa!  That was heavy...and deep... :)


"I'm hiding.  You can't see me."

Ski date...

Jerm and I got away for a ski date last Sunday.  
We had a wonderful time up at Powder Mountain.

A couple funny quotes from the girls:

Amy- "Look mom!  It's the Dream Star!! (actually, that's Venus, honey).  No, it's the Dream Star, and that's where Neverland is."

Meg watching the mama apes with their little babies on Tarzan.  She comes to me and pats my shoulder- "Big mama.  Big, big mama."

Meg after a sharing issue at school- " I cry, mama.  sniffle.  I cry."

Spring Has Sprung!!!

Spring is here, and our wonderful little family is now able to spend more time outside!!
I cannot get over how much Meg has grown since last summer.  She is swinging and sliding and keeping up with Amy so well.  She loves playing in the play house.  Amy really enjoys kicking her soccer ball and playing with her t-ball set.  She also loves to swing.  At least I have two daughters, so my arms get an even workout. :)
We also cleaned up the yard and broke out the fire pit!  The girls loved it.  Meg looked over to us and said, "I'm happy!"