Monday, May 19, 2014

The Evolution of a Broken Arm... (Warning- Pics included)

On April 3rd I told Jerm that I was headed out for a run.  It was a beautiful spring evening, and I could not get outside fast enough.  As I headed out into the garage I decided to strap on my roller-blades instead.  I skipped my helmet and took off out of my neighborhood.  I had a killer, hour long, uphill workout.

As I headed home, I started to get nervous.  I was one block away from home, and it was a straight shot downhill.  I hesitated- but I didn't want to ruin my socks...yes...THAT was my logic.  So I headed down, quickly picking up more and more speed.  I was going too fast, and I knew I was going to crash.  I was on the street, so I picked a lawn to shoot for.  As soon as I hit the curb I went air born.  I hit on all fours (both elbows, both knees), and my head and face.  Five cars drove by, and I was scared.  Luckily, a neighbor kid walked past and was able to go get help.  A neighbor rushed to my aid, getting my skates off, and walking me home.

Jerm took me to the ER, tossing my roller-blades in the trash on our way out.  X-rays revealed a severely broken arm.  My ulna snapped and jammed back into my elbow, shattering it.    That night I was splinted, and an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon was made.

I had surgery on April 11th.  To say I was thankful that my mom was able to come down and help is an understatement.  I was in a cast for two weeks, and started physical therapy the day the cast came off.  I meet with my PT twice a week, and have a very long way to go in my recovery.

The night I fell.
I'm no doctor, but that bone might be broken.

The morning after my surgery.

Two weeks post-surgery.  
Slightly bruised and swollen.  :)

My super cool cast.

5 weeks post-surgery.

all my bones back where they are supposed to be, 
and on the road to recovery. Now if I could just bend it!!!! :)

MIA- Picture Explosion!!

The Chatfield Family has had a very rough month and a half, to say the least.
Here are a few pictures of our lovely ladies.

Amy ready to backpack around Europe.

Painting a birdhouse

Meggie and her cool sunglasses

Ready for another beautiful spring day

Dress Up!!!

The Easter blues


Meggie loves her Papa Bear

Grandma Visits!!!

T-shirts made by me

Easter morning

Messy Meg